BEML, is a Multipurpose Manufacturing PSU, which manufactures products for mining, construction, power, irrigation, fertiliser, cement, steel and rail sector. Along with having presence in multiple industries, it also produces earth moving equipments for India’s defense purposes.

As per the research team and report of Cyble Inc, the actor R3dr0x has targeted the part of BEML website in order to warn the current government for what they would face in the near future if they dont change their way of working. The threat actor has been identified as a Pakistani Hacker by the team of cyble Inc.

The research team of Cyble Inc has identified the actor leaking sensitive data files which seems to be downloaded from 7 email accounts of BEML employees along with leaking a text file with details of the 7 BEML employees internal email ids and passwords. All of this is happening at the time when there are border tensions going on between the two Asian Military giants, India and China.

For more information read the full detailed report here:

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